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Harvest Records: ten years of tastemaking

Aug 28, 2014

This weekend, Harvest Records is putting on Transfigurations II, a music festival to celebrate a milestone: ten years ago this month, two music-obsessed college grads decided to open a record store on a street filled with vacant storefronts and car repair shops.

This was three years after Napster had been shut down, but digital music definitely wasn’t going anywhere.

iTunes was selling singles like hotcakes.

And CD stores like Sam Goody and Tower Records were already a thing of the past.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Aug 22, 2014

The Downtown Independent Groove (DIG) kicks off the weekend with lots  of great music at clubs in downtown Asheville.  The rock band Boston performs at the Biltmore Estate and the Asheville Wine and Food Festival takes place at the U.S. Cellular Center.  There's also plenty of live theater to consider including The Odd Couple at HART and Sisters at Be Be Theater.  Shindig on the Green is always a great option.  There is one major new film to consider, Sin City:  A Dame to Kill For hits the big screen.  Tony Kiss has it all.  Have fun.

Adelaide Daniels Key Has Died

Aug 21, 2014

One of Western North Carolina’s major philanthropists has died. Adelaide Daniels Key was a member of the Daniels Family that once owned the Raleigh News and Observer.  Following the sale of the paper she started the Adelaide Worth Daniels Foundation.  She was an advocate for greater access to health care, education,  community building, and the arts.  She served as a member of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina and as a member of the Board of Trustees at Western Carolina University.   Adelaide Daniels Key was 78. 

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Aug 15, 2014

Another big weekend of entrainment in Western North Carolina.  Downtown After 5 is back on Lexington Avenue.  While Rat Dog has canceled a future date in the area, a Greatful Dead tribute band is back in town.

There's Laugh Your Asheville is happening and there's lots of live theater to consider.  Tony Kiss takes a l00k at some of the very busy entertainment schedule in the area, including the latest film from writer/director Woody Allen.

Author Edan Lepucki says a lot of dystopian, apocalyptic stories are aspirational; they’re epic, sweeping stories about heroes and salvation.

But Lepucki’s new novel, California, takes place on a smaller scale

“When you see people under pressure they’re often not their best selves,” Lepucki says.  

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jul 25, 2014

The hottest team in baseball isn't the Tampa Bay Rays, the Atlanta Braves, or the Detroit Tigers, it's the Asheville Tourists.  The Tourists are in town at historic McCormick for  a weekend series.  Flat Rock Play House has Miss Saigon, and there's a story to be heard at the Orange Peel.  Tony says there's a growing jazz scene n Western North Carolina and six new movies have arrived at area theaters, including a spy thriller

starring the late  Philip Seymour Hoffman.  That's  just a bit of what's  going on in the area. 

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jul 11, 2014

Tony says another  weekend has arrived with lots of wonderful opportunities.  He begins with a myriad of theater offerings.  Boeing Boeing continues at the Flat Rock Play House Downtown while the Place House has My Fair Lady.  The Orange Peel gets into the theater spirit with a unique program featuring Caberet, Vaudeville, and Aerial Arts performed by Teatro Del Gusto.   Hello Dolly is on stage in Waynesville, and  Forever Plaid in Burnsville.

Friday @2: South Pacific

Jul 9, 2014

Listen Friday at 2pm for another live performance from our studios as artists from Asheville Lyric Opera join us to perform selections from their upcoming production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific. Michelle Seipel (Nellie Forbush) and Mark Owen Davis (Emile de Becque) will sing some of their works from the show accompanied by musical director Dr. Leslie Downs. Stage director Dr. John Truitt will also be with us. 

Join us for selections from South Pacific live from our studios Friday @2.

Open Air Brevard

Jul 7, 2014

This summer, WCQS is pleased to bring you Open Air Brevard, music recorded in performance at the renowned Brevard Music Center. Partnering with WDAV Davidson, each week we bring you a glimpse into activities at the Festival, including conversations with the artists and live performances of magnificent music by the artists, faculty, and students at BMC.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jul 4, 2014

It's Independence  Day weekend and Tony Kiss has the rundown of some of the many things going on, including fireworks across Western North Carolina,  the new Spruce Street Market Craft Show, story telling, and singer songwriter David LaMotte on stage in Black Mountain.  For craft beer fans, BrewGrass Tickets go on sale Sunday.

Sean Michaels’ first novel, Us Conductors, is loosely based on the life of Russian inventor Leon Theremin.

Theremin’s story spans continents and cultures, beginning in the laboratories of Russia, then corssing the Atlantic and dipping into Harlem speakeasies of the late 1920’s, only to end up back in Russia, in the brutal isolation of a Siberian gulag.

The story of Leon Theremin even has a connection to Asheville through electronic music pioneer Bob Moog.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jun 27, 2014

A sure sign of summer as the Swannanoa Chamber Music Festival  and Shindig On the Green get underway. Bruce Hornsby and the Noise Makers take the stage and there's another long list of great theater offerings, including A Grand Night for Singing in Waynesville.   Tony Kiss has it all.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jun 20, 2014

Tony Kiss  has lots on his mind.  Music, theater, and movies too. High on his list, the great Itzhak Perlman performs at the Brevard Music Center.  The country music group Florida Georgia Line is on stage at McCormick Field, and there's a Percussion Festival schedule in Asheville.

Montford Farmers Market Moving

Jun 18, 2014

The Montford Mid-Week Farmers Market is  moving to the Asheville River Arts District.  After more than three years at its location in the Asheville Chamber of Commerce parking lot the tailgate market is moving to 175 Clingman Avenue next to All Souls Pizza. The market will end its run in Montford  Wednesday, June 25th.   David  Hurand spoke with Market Manager Christa Tolson.

The buzz on beekeeping

Jun 18, 2014
Gloria Good


  This week in Western North Carolina is the time for Pollination Celebration, a recognition of the process that helps plants get fertilized so they can reproduce.

Asheville, also known as the first Bee City USA, is at the forefront of the movement to help promote the health of bees and other pollinators.

“I started the Warren Wilson apiary three years ago, and I just graduated from Warren Wilson College,” says Cecile Parrish.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jun 13, 2014

Tony Kiss is looking forward to another full schedule of live music, live theater, festivals and new movies.

High on  his list, eating great food in Tryon. 

Friday @2: Pavel Wlosok Trio

Jun 11, 2014

Listen this Friday afternoon for another live performance from our studios. This week WCQS hosts Pavel Wlosok, pianist, composer, and associate professor of jazz studies at Western Carolina University. Pavel will play a program of his own compositions with the creative help of bassist Zack Page and drummer Evan Martin. Dick Kowal is your host.

Please join us for live jazz Friday at 2.

Author Jeannette Walls wrote about celebrities for New York Magazine and MSNBC for more than a decade before she turned the tables on herself and wrote a deeply personal memoir called The Glass Castle.

A New York Times best-seller for more than five years, The Glass Castle is about Walls, her impoverished childhood, and the relationship between mental illness and creativity.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

Jun 6, 2014

Tony Kiss takes a peak at the arts and culture scene around Western North.  There's lots of live music in Brevard,  Grammy Award winner David Holt has opened an exhibit of his art work at a gallery in Asheville's River Arts District,  the Asheville Tourists are in town for baseball at historic McCormick Field, lots of live theater is happening, and a couple of new movies have arrived, including a new Sci Fi film starring Tom Cruise and  Emily Blunt.  Tony has all of the above  and much more....

Friday @2: AmiciMusic's "An American Affair"

Jun 4, 2014

Listen Friday at 2 for another live performance from our studios. This time we'll host AmiciMusic, presenting selections from their program "An American Affair."  Violinist Tim Schwarz and pianist Daniel Weiser will bring us some neglected masterpieces by American composers including Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and Amy Beach.

Join us Friday at 2 for "An American Affair" from AmiciMusic, live!

Playwright's first novel is entrancing, eerie

Jun 4, 2014

Durham-based playwright Monica Byrne's first novel, The Girl in the Road, is incredibly difficult to describe. But it’s one of those books that you read and immediately have to shove into someone else’s hands, saying, 'Here, read this so we can talk about it.'

“I’m sort of glad that it defies categorization and description,” Byrne said,.

The Girl in the Road is futuristic, but not quite sci-fi; it’s suspenseful but introspective, one of those books where the way the story is told is almost more interesting than the plot itself.

Today on "The State of Things," Meet WNC's Don Pedi

Jun 2, 2014

“The State of Things is a program that is about the state of North Carolina,” says Frank Stasio. He’s the host of he State of Things, which is broadcast out of WUNC n Chapel Hill.“It’s about the cultural stories that people tell," Statio says. "It’s about the individuals, it’s about the politics. All of those things add up to a kind of big look at who we are. The people who work and live here."

Stasio says the partnership with WCQS means that the show will be better equipped to tell the stories of people in Western North Carolina.

Weekend Happenings with Tony Kiss: May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014
Asheville Citizen-Times

David Hurand's out of town, so Tony Kiss talked with Greta Johnsen about the weekend in Western North Carolina. Here's a list of the events they talked about-- you can see a complete list of weekend goings-on in the Asheville Scene


Friday @2: Asheville Young Musicians Club

May 27, 2014

  Join WCQS this Friday at 2pm for another performance from our studios. This week we host members of the Asheville Young Musicians Club, who will give us a preview of their upcoming benefit concert.

We'll hear music by Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, and Friedrich Kuhlau played by these talented eighth-through-twelfth- grade musicians.

There's more information about the Asheville Young Musicias Club on their Facebook page.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

May 23, 2014

It's a holiday weekend.  Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of  May to honor those who died serving the nation in the United States military.  It's also seen as the launching pad for the summer season.  On Memorial Day, in the early afternoon, a ceremony honoring those who died while serving will take place in downtown Asheville at Roger McGuire Green. 

  172 graduates from Warren Wilson College will receive their bachelor’s degrees today. Delivering the commencement address is Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!


“There are really only two ways, roughly speaking, to be invited to be a commencement speaker," Sagal said.


Tony Kiss Weekend Update

May 9, 2014

It's a sell out!  LEAF dominates the local music scene this weekend but there's  lots more going on around Western North Carolina.  The Asheville Symphony takes the stage, there's magic in the air, lots of theater offerings, and several new movies.  Tony has it all.

Francine Prose novel blends fact, fiction

May 8, 2014
Brassai / Cleveland Museum of Art

Author Francine prose has written seven nonfiction books, three short story collections, and 17 novels. But she says her most recent book, Lovers at the Chameleon Club Paris 1932, was one of the most difficult stories she's ever written.

“The book really began when I saw a photograph by the great Hungarian French photographer Brassai," Prose said. "It was a picture of two women in a bar. I had seen this photo before-- it’s an iconic photo, but I had never known anything about it.”

Taste Treat: New Tupelo Honey Cookbook

May 7, 2014

The popular Asheville based restaurant Tupelo Honey recently announced it will open new restaurants in Raleigh and Atlanta.  The restaurant also has published its' second cookbook.  David Hurand spoke with the authors of Tupelo Honey Cafe: New Southern Flavors From the Blue Ridge Mountains, Elizabeth Sims and Executive Chef Brain Sonoskus about the restaurants second cookbook and the growing popularity of Asheville as a destination for tourists looking for a memorable meal.

Tony Kiss Weekend Update

May 2, 2014

The Biltmore Estate has announced  its' summer concert series  lineup and Tony Kiss has the details.   On the big screen, Spider Man is back.