Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle

Bear Allison

The mountains and forests of Western North Carolina are some of the most visited in the country.  Thanks to that, the region is a hub for the outdoor recreation industry.  BPR’s reports on how a new partnership wants more awareness of the local industry:

Author Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle said mountain biking changed her life. She became an avid rider when the Fire Mountain Trails opened on the Qualla Boundary.  She said biking helped her finish her most recent novel ‘Even As We Breathe.’  

courtesy of the author

In the late 1990s, so few students from Smoky Mountain High School in Sylva moved on to Ivy League colleges that even the school’s secretary seemed baffled to learn Annette Clapsaddle earned acceptance to one. That’s how Clapsaddle remembers it, after taking a phone call in the front office from her mom, telling her about the news.

“I got off the phone and the secretary looked at me and said ‘What was that about?’ and I told her and she said ‘Are you playing basketball there?’ and I said ‘No,’ and she was like ‘Oh,’ Clapsaddle recalled. “And that’s all she said, like, if you’re not playing sports, oh well.”