Talking Politics with Dr. Chris Cooper

May 16, 2017
Jeremy Loeb/BPR

Western Carolina University political scientist Dr. Chris Cooper is a frequent guest of Blue Ridge Public Radio.  In his most recent visit, Cooper spoke with BPR's Jeremy Loeb and Matt Bush about the latest in state politics.  The conversation touched on the recently-passed Senate budget, a big Supreme Court punt on voter ID, the brewing (pun intended) legal battle involving craft beer, possible campaign finance mischief, Senator Richard Burr's role in the national spotlight, and some high-profile resignations for the progressive left in North Carolina.  

Wicked Weed of Asheville announced this week it was being sold to brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns such brands as Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois.  The company has been purchasing small craft breweries in recent years, creating "The High End" business unit for such brands.  In a statement announcing the sale, Wicked Weed co-founder Walt Dickinson called it an "exciting time for the entire brewing team.

A local distributor of Anheuser-Busch products has pulled unauthorized ads using the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina's logo.  Now the tribe is suing the brewer and wholesaler.

Beer Makes News, Around the Globe and in NC

Sep 16, 2015

MillerCoors announced this week it will close its Eden, North Carolina brewery in September 2016.  The brewery has been part of the community for nearly 40 years.  More than five hundred workers will be laid off.  Also  this week, Budweiser, maker of Anheuser-Busch InBev announced it will buy Miller.  If the deal  goes through it would unite two of the world's largest beer makers.  David Hurand spoke with Sierra Nevada Mills River Beer Ambassador Bill Mandley.