Round Midnight

Saturday nights at 10 on BPR Classic

***Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Round Midnight is on hiatus.  It will return once BPR is able to safely re-open its studios to the public***

Tune in Saturday nights at 10 for three hours of smooth sounds from Jamal Jabali and Round Midnight. From Charlie Parker to modern R&B, Round Midnight plays just the right music for your Saturday night.

Jamal Jabali has volunteered at WCQS since 1990, when he first moved to the Asheville area. He is host of the Jazz program Round Midnight, which airs on Saturday evenings from 10:00pm to 1:00am. Round Midnight is always varied and eclectic, and presents listeners with many different sides of Jazz--on any given night Jamal could be inspired to play a mix of music that might include Reggae, Pop, R&B, Latin and Carribean influenced music, Classic American Jazz, European Jazz and African Jazz sets. He's not afraid to play new, nontraditional releases. Jamal models his radio program after the essence of Jazz itself. In his words, "Jazz is always moving and experimental-forever changing-that's what makes Jazz Jazz."

Jamal's radio experience dates back to his college days; he's been a D.J., music director, and station director at various radio stations across the country. He's worked in commercial radio, as well as in public radio, but has always preferred public radio-"because public radio is highly responsive to its community, the staff at the station and the listening audience are all really like one family."

Jamal fell in love with Jazz as a child, growing up in Harlem in an apartment across from the Apollo Theater. "New York is a 24-hour city and there was always someone up playing Jazz in my neighborhood." At night Jamal would sit on his building's fire escape and listen to the music coming from the different bars and clubs nearby. He would sometimes try and sneak into the bars in the mornings and hide out in corners, evading the waiters as they were cleaning up. Here, he could watch the musicians, as they were winding down from the evening and listen, as they experimented with sounds and practiced their horns for the next night's performance.

Today, Jamal tries to keep the interest of the young people in his audience. "I try to recognize my audience and add flavor to my show. The pure jazz all the time audience tends to be a little older-I want to include younger people in my audience; of both genders and all races."

Listeners can catch Round Midnight every Saturday night from 10:00pm to 1:00am on WCQS.