Why WNC Republicans Held On To Their Seats

Nov 7, 2018

 Incumbents at the state and federal level did very well in Western North Carolina.  BPR caught up with the Macon County Republican Party in the town of Franklin as they celebrated their victories.

Macon County, a traditionally conservative county, stuck with that trend. State Senator Jim Davis (R) and State Representative Kevin Corbin (R) both won. This will be the 5th term for Davis and the 2nd for Corbin. Record turnouts encourage Corbin that he is representing the people well.

“That’s always a good thing when there is a high voter turnout I think you get a better representation of what the people really think and what the people really want,” says Corbin.

Incumbent Sheriff Robbie Holland (R) also won his 5th term.

Macon County Republican Chairman Carla Miller says that the Republican base was energized to turn out by the Brett Kavanagh confirmation hearing as well as news about the caravan of asylum seekers from Honduras. She shared that they have had 183 new Republican volunteers sign up to work in Macon County in the last 6 weeks - and that they all support President Trump.

“Yes, we have a lot of people looking for something different and our Democrat friends saying,' This is not my grandaddy’s party anymore. And I don’t like the direction it’s going, so I want to be part of this,'” says Miller.

Miller believes Western North Carolina’s support of Trump is one of the reason’s the 2020 GOP convention is being held in Charlotte.