WCQS Adds Three New Programs To Sunday Line-up

May 26, 2016

WCQS will add three new programs to the Sunday afternoon line-up: Fresh Air Weekend, The New Yorker Radio Hour and Reveal. The three-hour block of programming will air from 2 to 5 p.m. beginning June 12.

Fresh Air Weekend collects the best cultural segments from the week’s programs and crafts them together for great weekend listening. Award-winning journalist Terry Gross hosts the show, which will air air Sundays from 2 to 3 p.m.

The New Yorker Radio Hour is a weekly program presented by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick.  The program will air Sundays from 3 to 4 p.m. Recent segments include:

  • "The Cheap-Oil Paradox" - Low oil prices used to be a windfall for the American economy. So where’s the boom?
  • "In a Different Key’: A Personal Look at the History of Autism" - David Remnick talks to the authors of a new book on the history of autism.
  • "Edmund White Has Terrible Gaydar" - At the age of seventy-six, a defining figure in gay fiction talks about the changes in gay life he’s witnessed in the course of his lifetime.  
  • "DeRay Mckesson: We Cannot Arrest Our Way out of Crime" - The Black Lives Matter activist is moving from organizing protests to running for mayor of Baltimore.

Reveal is the Peabody Award-winning investigative journalism program for public radio from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. The program will air Sundays from 4 to 5 p.m. Recent episodes include:

  • "When Mad Men Meet Dark Money" - Money in U.S. politics was once a straightforward thing, but we're now in the era of dark money. The dollars changing hands run well into the billions, and corporations and hedge fund moguls spend freely behind a veil of secrecy. Enter Mad Men: This heap of money is fueling a barrage of political ads. Messages, which have cost more than $300 million so far, are being designed specifically for you – popping up in your Facebook feed or streaming into your living room during commercial breaks. In this hour of Reveal, we collaborate with The Center for Public Integrity’s campaign finance reporting team and WAMU in Washington to look at who’s spending, how much, where the money’s flowing and what it’s paying forward.
  • "The Religious Freedom Loophole" - America was built on the idea of protecting religious liberty. But what happens when religious groups take advantage of these special freedoms to make money, skirt rules or hurt children? This hour of Reveal explores the tricky territory of religious freedom and how different groups have exploited this loophole.

WCQS is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Western North Carolina. General Manager, David Feingold, says the new additions to the line-up expand the listeners’ horizons through new perspectives and experiences, “These [three] programs reflect the station’s ongoing effort to provide the best content in public radio to the people of Western North Carolina. Fresh Air Weekend, The New Yorker Radio Hour and Reveal appeal to the cultural appetite and curious minds of our listeners. We are extremely pleased to welcome them to the WCQS line-up.”

If you have any questions about the programs contact WCQS Program Director Barbara Sayer at bsayer@wcqs.org.