UPDATE: More Video From The Sylva Impeachment Rally

Dec 20, 2019

Police in Jackson County are investigating a video that shows a counter protester slowly driving his truck into a crowd of people marching to support the impeachment of President Donald Trump earlier this week.


Sylva Police Chief Chris Hatton says that he is sorting through witness testimony and evidence to determine if a crime was committed. More videos have been submitted from the event. BPR has put them online in an effort to show the events chronologically:  


 1. About 100 people turned out in Sylva on Tuesday evening to march in favor of impeachment. Here they are standing outside of the Jackson County Democratic headquarters.  

2. A truck began honking to slowly pull into the parking lot - directly through the crowd. Here’s the original video submitted to Blue Ridge Public Radio.

3. After the truck parks. The man driving got out and spoke with protesters. 

4.  The Sylva Police were on the scene to monitor the protest and traffic. An officer spoke with the man. 

5. In this tweet that was sent to BPR, you can see the brief altercation between the man, the protestors and the police officer. Then the man leaves.