Taking The Political Temperature Of North Carolina As Mid-Term Elections Take Shape

Apr 24, 2018

Early voting is underway in North Carolina for the May 8th primary.  The early voting period runs until May 5th, and voters can find early voting locations by visiting their respective county's election boards website.  Federal, state, and local offices are all on the ballot this year.  One person who isn't is president Donald Trump.  But Western Carolina University political science professor Dr. Chris Cooper says no one person will have a greater impact on winners and losers in this election than the president.  Cooper says that's true for seats in the General Assembly and even county and city level offices.  The General Assembly elections may get the most attention in North Carolina this year especially this fall, since nearly every single seat in Raleigh will be contested, a sharp change from two years.  Cooper sat down with BPR's Matt Bush to discuss those elections, issues that will no doubt emerge on the campaign trail, and how the retirement of Paul Ryan as speaker of the House could affect Western North Carolina's two Republican Congressman - Patrick McHenry and Mark Meadows.