Stein Blasts 'Short-Sighted' Decision From Trump on Paris Climate Accord

Jun 6, 2017

Add North Carolina’s Attorney General to the list of those disappointed with President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord.  During a visit to downtown Asheville Tuesday, Josh Stein expressed his disappointment with the decision, saying it puts the nation’s economic future in peril.

“This whole movement toward a clean economy is going to happen in this world, whether we’re on the train or not.  And by walking away from our obligations, we’re making it less likely that we’ll be the hub of clean tech jobs of the future.  It means that peoples’ health will be worse.  There’ll be more emphysema, more asthma.”

Stein also said the decision makes the country less secure, because countries that are already unstable are likely to feel more of the effects of climate change first.

“Extended drought, greater strife, greater conflict, more refugees, more extended violence, more terrorism.  It’s just so short-sighted on so many levels.”

The Democratic Attorney General filed a motion in February to pull North Carolina out of litigation against the Clean Power Plan, which was granted.  But that rule limiting the carbon emissions of power plants is likely dead with Trump’s decision.   Stein has also signed on to a letter declaring his support for the Paris deal, despite the decision, saying in a press release:

“Regardless of what happens at the federal executive branch, nothing will stop me from upholding my oath to the North Carolina constitution and its declaration “to control and limit pollution of our air and water.  I am encouraged and inspired by the groundswell of support for climate action all across our state and nation. Now is the time to support a clean energy future with good paying jobs, healthier people and a more secure nation.”

Stein was in Asheville to hear from community leaders on the front-lines battling the opioid crisis.  BPR will have more on that later this week.