Some Uptown Businesses Clean Up After A Night Of Violence

Sep 22, 2016
Originally published on September 22, 2016 9:35 pm

Some uptown businesses are cleaning up Thursday afternoon. That’s after rioters smashed windows and threw trash cans during the second night of anger over the fatal police shooting of an African-American man.

There’s a different kind of construction going on in Charlotte on Thursday. Workers sawed plywood into sections that’ll cover broken windows at Kanvas, a lounge at 6th and Davidson. They used a nail gun to bolt them on.

“We’re just basically repairing all the broken windows, all the door panes,” said Damian Vega of the building’s property management company. “There’s just a lot of broken glass that needs to be covered up and protected from hopefully not happening again.”

For now, boarding up is the best they can do in case protests turn violent again Thursday night.

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