In September, Council Rejected HB2 Deal With Lawmakers. So What Changed?

Dec 19, 2016
Originally published on December 21, 2016 2:52 pm

When it comes to House Bill 2, time can apparently heal some wounds. Three months ago, Charlotte City Council refused an overture from the General Assembly. The deal was that if council repealed the city’s expansion of its non-discrimination ordinance, lawmakers would vote to repeal HB2. Most council members, including LaWana Mayfield, weren't interested.

"Raleigh didn’t need Charlotte to pass HB2. Raleigh doesn’t need Charlotte to repeal it... Unfortunately, it's more of a political game and a political ploy to say that Charlotte needs to repeal something that we (state lawmakers) nullified in order to move forward," Mayfield said in a Sept. 20th interview with WFAE's Marshall Terry.

On Monday, Mayfield was part of a unanimous vote to repeal Charlotte's ordinance.Council member Al Austin also had a change of heart. He told WFAE's Mark Rumsey that a clawback provision made a difference in this vote to repeal. That provision says lawmakers must act by Dec. 31. Still, he says it was a tough vote.

"What we all need (is) for this to move forward, particularly given the total repeal of HB2. The path forward is not necessarily the path I would have taken, that I would have liked to have seen, but it is what we got," Austin says (listen to interview above).

The General Assembly will go into special session Wednesday.

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