Sen. Sanders Applauds Mission-HCA Nurses' Effort To Unionize

Feb 28, 2020

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders blew the cover on some big Western North Carolina news

during a rally in Winston-Salem Thurs.

Sanders told attendees at his rally that North Carolina has the lowest rate of worker’s unions in the country. 

He followed that statement announcing that 2,000 nurses who work for Mission Health are organizing a union. 

“I applaud those courageous nurses, and I urge the Hospital Corporation of America that owns Mission Health to treat their nurses with respect and dignity, and stop union-busting in that hospital,” Sanders said. 

Until this point, the effort has largely stayed underground, as nurses fear retaliation from their new employer, the private corporation that bought Mission Health last year. 

Sanders says the nurses are organizing with the group National Nurses United. 

BPR put out calls requesting comment from both Mission Health and National Nurses United and is waiting on responses.