Rosé All Day – The Rise Of The Pink Drink

Aug 2, 2018
Originally published on August 2, 2018 3:27 pm

The word “rosé” may conjure up memories of cheap wine from boxes or bottles with screw caps. It used to be sweet, cheap and often passed over by serious wine drinkers. Today, rosé has become as much a lifestyle as it is a wine. Perhaps it’s the vibrant pink color or the change in the way rosé is produced, either way millennials are devoted to the beverage, creating hashtags, blogs and even playlists dedicated to the rosé experience. 

Laura Maniec is a master sommelier and co-owner of Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar located in NYC and Charlotte. She joins guest host Anita Rao to talk about the history of rosé, why it had a bad reputation and why millenials are crazy for it today.

Young professionals have essentially rebranded rosé by taking a product which once had strong negative associations and turning it into a multi-million dollar craze. Martin Buchanan is creative director at Trone Brand Energy, a branding and digital agency in High Point and Durham. He joins the discussion to share the unique challenge of appealing to millennials and the tricks to branding and rebranding for this new generation of consumers. 

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