Re:sound - The Hearing Show

Jun 26, 2015

Tune in this Saturday at 3 and Sunday at 6 for Re:sound - The Hearing Show. In this special documentary from PRX we listen in on hearing — a complex system of circuitry that is vulnerable to all sorts of interruptions, misfires and breakdowns.  Highlights include:

The Rest Is Silence - by Brian Calvert
Amanda McDonough has had hearing problems all her life. She wore hearing aids and hid the fact from everyone she knew. Mostly she got by, until she made a decision that changed everything.

Signal To Noise - by Paolo Pietropaolo
What happens when you work with sound everyday — listening to it, recording it, manipulating it — and then one day, one of those sounds sticks around for good? Radio producer Paolo Pietropaolo decided to listen carefully to his tinnitus — a chronic ringing in his ears — in hopes of decoding its mysterious message.

5-7-5 - by Flo Neve
After Leslie lost his ability to enjoy music, he was able to find joy in peaceful places and haikus — short poems of 17 syllables — that he considers his 'zone of tranquility'.