Reshuffling In Buncombe County Government Following Federal Investigation

Sep 22, 2017

Federal authorities announced earlier this year they are investigating former Buncombe County manager Wanda Greene.  No details, much less charges, have been released regarding the probe.  Greene retired after more than two decades on the job over the summer shortly before the investigation was confirmed.  It set off a chain reaction in county government.  Greene's son Michael resigned his job as 'business intelligence manager' - a position that did not exist in county government before his hire - on the day the investigation was confirmed.  Then Wanda Greene's sister Irene Wolf also took a 'voluntary reassignment' from her job as financial services manager to accountant, which include a cut in pay of close to $30-thousand.  Asheville Citizen-Times reporter Jennifer Bowman has been following all of this and writing about if for the paper.  She joined BPR's Matt Bush to tell listeners the latest about the investigation, including a lawyer who advised county commissioners about the investigation who has since agreed to talk with the federal prosecutor.