Rep. McHenry Faces 'Lion's Den' In Asheville Town Hall

Jul 31, 2019

North Carolina GOP Congressman Patrick McHenry kicked off a series of town hall meetings in Buncombe County Wed. morning. 

His stop at the Riceville Fire Department was largely attended by Democrats, who are heavily represented in this portion of the 10th Congressional District.  

The two-hour long event largely centered on frustration with the president.

This was McHenry’s 7th town hall in Buncombe County since he was elected in 2005. 

“And it is always the most spirited town hall meeting, McHenry said. “We have a very liberal activist set in Buncombe County.”

The portion of Buncombe County makes up a small part of the 10th District, which is mostly comprised of the Charlotte suburbs. Heavily re-drawn earlier this decade, the district has swung republican since 1969. 

Asheville’s progressives showed up in full force to address policy concerns. About a third of the speakers addressed climate change as a national emergency. 

But the topic that drew the loudest and most emotional reaction centered on President Trump’s rhetoric and behavior. Retired Airforce Major General Rick Devereaux of Asheville asked McHenry why he doesn’t speak out when the president says something considered demeaning to minorities, women and foreign allies. 

“I think it’s incumbent upon Republican leaders to speak out against that, so I disagree with the congressman’s assessment that it’s just part of politics,” Devereux. 

McHenry differed with the president on a few talking points, he acknowledges that climate change is a real problem and that Russia intervened in the 2016 elections. But as he heads into a reelection campaign, the Republican representative is largely in lockstep step with Trump. 

Following his morning stop in Asheville, McHenry is scheduled to hold town halls in Rutherford County on Wed. evening and Cleveland and Catawba Counties on Thurs.