Prize-Winning Phone Pix Dial Up Moments Of Freedom And Serenity

Jul 25, 2020
Originally published on July 25, 2020 7:54 am

Jumping through the air, floating in the wind, a firework shooting off — these scenes evoke a sense of freedom that so many of us staying home due to the pandemic haven't felt in a long time.

But we can feel them vicariously in some of the winning entries of this year's iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS). The 13th annual competition invites photographers worldwide to submit unaltered iPhone or iPad photos to one of 18 categories.

The award committee announced the winning images this week. The Grand Prize and Photographer of the Year award goes to Dimpy Bhalotia, a street photographer based in the United Kingdom. Her image "Flying Boys" — one of thousands submitted to the contest — captures three kids suspended in midair as they leap into the Ganges River in India.

We hope the images in our selection — of joy, solitude and serenity — provide a welcome respite to the stresses of the pandemic.

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"Sheikh of Youth." Iraq
Saif Hussain
"Untitled." China
Tu Odnu