The Porch: We Have All The Time In The World

Nov 18, 2021

In this episode of The Porch, a production of the BPR news team, we hear from -

  • Dr. Chris Cooper, political scientist at Western Carolina University, about the upheaval happening in Western North Carolina politics after Congressman Madison Cawthorn's decision to run in a different district, and how the move echoes what his predecessor did just two years ago which was ultimately unsuccessful
  • Our StoryCraft series, a partnership with Asheville Writers in the Schools and the Community
  • Reporter Fred Clasen-Kelly of the USA Today Network, about his investgative report on the Section 8 housing vouchers program and how it is not living up to its stated ideals in the Southeast U.S.

(The BPR News Presents theme song is The Vibes by Audiobinger.  Other music featured in this episode includes Often Outmumbled Never Outpunned by Doctor Turtle)