The Porch: The River

Sep 17, 2021

In this episode of The Porch, a production of the BPR news team, we hear from -

  • Residents of Haywood County who saw the flood waters on August 17th rise in just a few hours, causing damages and terror, and how they are still grappling with both
  • BPR's Lilly Knoepp, who goes to the campground where four of the six people who died in the floods lived
  • Hartwell Carson, the French Broad Riverkeeper for Mountain True, about what the future of our lands along waterways should be in the time of climate change
  • Dr. Rob Young of Western Carolina University's Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, who answers what will be the sign that enough people are taking the threat of climate change seriously

(The BPR News Presents theme song is The Vibes by Audiobinger.  Other music featured in this episode includes Sequence and Feeling by Borrtex)