The Porch: One Year Later, How Closer Are We To Racial Justice?

May 20, 2021

One year after the racial justice protests following the police murder of George Floyd, how much closer are we to the goals stated by the marchers in Asheville and Western North Carolina?

That's the topic of this episode of The Porch, a production of the BPR news team.  Our guests include -

  • Members of Asheville's Racial Justice Coalition
  • TeLor Allen, who helped organize racial justice marches in Murphy
  • Reporter Joel Burgess of the Asheville Citizen-Times, who discusses the city's response to Black AVL Demands call for a 50% cut to the city's police department budget, with that money then invested in Asheville's Black community.

(The Porch theme song in The Vibes by Audiobinger.  Other music featured in this episode includes A Long Road Travelled by Squire Tuck)