"NPR Chicken" Update!

Feb 25, 2016

Last November NPR staffers rescued a chicken outside the network's Washington, D.C. headquarters from a busy city street. Adam Cole, who runs NPR’s Skunk Bear YouTube channel and Tumblr, first spotted the chicken. Apparently, after resolving to pluck the chicken from danger, a chase ensued and some minutes later Cole emerged with grass stains on his knees and chicken in hand (although not before said chicken managed to cross the road, begging the proverbial question . . . ).

Dubbed "NPR Chicken" the petite black and white speckled hen soon had her own twitter handle @NPRChicken and more than 1,600 followers. The incident even prompted subsequent chicken features on NPR, most notably on its Goats and Soda blog.

Jason Beaubien, NPR’s global health and development reporter (and resident chicken owner), tweeted shortly after the dramatic rescue that the chicken was moved to a "safe house outside the District."  After there were a few tweets from @NPRChicken, but lately not a peep.

The great NPR chicken rescue of 2015 left many of us wondering, "What happened to NPR Chicken?" The folks at Current, a publication for people in public media, wondered too. Current's Mike Jansen recently caught up with Beaubien and "NPR Chicken".