'No Drive' Update

Sep 1, 2015

No Drive. No interruptions. Our campaign to meet our fall fundraising goal without interrupting programs is working! We have less than $30,000 to go to reach the goal.  $150,000 by September 10th means no Fall Fund Drive! No interruptions. Just the programs you love in their entirety.

We think it’s a great idea. We hope you do too. WCQS listeners can ELIMINATE THE FALL ON-AIR FUND DRIVE - by giving right now.

One of the reasons you love WCQS is because of we can provide insightful, informative and enriching programming with minimal interruption. We can do this because we are non-commercial radio. Our stakeholders are our contributing listeners. That means we answer to you!

Help us change the way we fundraise by supporting great public radio programming – without interruption. We're asking for your support during regularly scheduled breaks. If we can raise $150,000 by September 10th there is no Fall On-Air Fund Drive. Now is the time to give. It’s as simple as that. We can do this together. Help us meet the goal by September 10th and and we’ll cancel the fund drive. No drive. No interruption to the programs you love. We think it’s a great idea. We hope you do too. It’s doable with your gift RIGHT NOW.

If you have already given - THANK YOU! You will hear our thanks every day.