Need To Restock The Fridge? What You Need To Know Before Heading To The Grocery

Mar 24, 2020

Grocery store chains are making sweeping changes to operating hours and store policies to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Supermarkets across Western North Carolina, such as Ingles, Publix, Walmart, and Harris Teeter, are shortening the hours they are open. Many stores are also enforcing new policies that limit the number of certain high-demand items per customer -- particularly eggs, milk, and toilet paper.  

During his press briefing Mon., Gov. Roy Cooper implored shoppers to be prudent and refrain from "panic-buying."

“Please do not overbuy at the grocery store. I’ve had almost all of the grocery store officials on the phone and they continue to tell me that supply lines are open,” Cooper said.  

Stores, including Harris Teeter and Publix, are no longer accepting returns nor issuing refunds.  

Additionally, many grocery chains are setting aside special shopping times for senior citizens, who are considered the most vulnerable to the devastating and fatal effects of COVID-19. Stores offering a special “senior hour” include Publix, Ingles, Walmart. 



Operating Hours 


Walmart - 7am-8:30pm 


Harris Teeter - 7am-8pm


Whole Foods - 8am-8pm


Aldi - 9am-7pm


Publix - 8am-8pm


Trader Joe's - 9am-7pm



Senior Hour


Walmart - Tuesdays from 6-7am. 


Harris Teeter - Monday and Thursdays from 6am-7am


Whole Foods - every day at 7am


Publix - 7am-8am


Trader Joe's - 9am-10am, expedited line for senior customers