NC Voters Said ‘Yes’ To Amendments On Voter ID, Victim’s Rights, Hunting And More

Nov 7, 2018

  Republicans in Macon County were celebrating the passage of four out of the six amendments on the ballot. The two amendments that failed would have limited the governor’s power to structure the state elections board and appoint judges. On Wednesday, the past five North Carolina Governor's thanked citizens for “preserving checks and balances.”

Republican State Representative Kevin Corbin is excited that four amendments: hunter’s rights, a voter photo ID requirement, a lower state income tax rate cap and a victim’s rights law known as Marsy’s law were added to the state constitution

“I voted to put all six of them on the ballot. I felt like they were worthy of folks having a chance to vote. I was really pleased that voter ID passed by as much as it did,” says Corbin, who won his second term in the legislature.

North Carolina now joins 17 other states with Voter ID laws.

It wasn’t the only state with Marsy’s law on the ballot this election. Five other states: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and Oklahoma also okayed versions of the law.

Forbes reports billionaire cofounder of Broadcom Henry Nicholas funneled almost $72 million dollars into campaigns for the amendments in all states. The law is named after his sister who was killed in 1983.