NC Senator Kevin Corbin says he won't run for congress in NC-14 district

Nov 22, 2021

Republican state senator Kevin Corbin will not run for Congress, and will instead run for re-election to his current office.  The first-term senator said last week he was considering a run for the GOP nomination in North Carolina’s 14th Congressional district, but made it official this morning that he will instead seek to stay in the General Assembly. 

“IN SHORT, I LOVE MY CURRENT POSITION AS A NC SENATOR AND I FEEL I CAN OFFER MORE TO THE CITIZENS OF WESTERN NC AS A SENATOR THAN AS A FRESHMAN CONGRESSMAN,” said Corbin in an email. Corbin’s senate district covers the seven westernmost counties of North Carolina.  “We were able to deliver for this district with very pleasant success and I don’t think throwing that away is wise for myself or my Senate district. Through hard work and relationship building, we have brought more capital improvements to this district than we even thought possible just a year ago.”

His brief interest in the Congressional seat for the region came after Congressman Madison Cawthorn announced earlier this month he’d switch districts next year to run in the newly drawn NC-13. Four candidates are in the GOP field in the 14th for next year, Wendy Nevarez, Bruce O’Connell and Rod Honeycutt. NC GOP District 14 Chair Michele Woodhouse declared her intent to run last week.

More candidates are expected to file before the December 17th cut-off date