A Musical Meditation On Loss: Anne-Claire’s New Album

Aug 31, 2018
Originally published on August 31, 2018 4:10 pm

When Anne-Claire Niver’s grandmother died in 2016, her small family was devastated. Niver was so grief-stricken that writing music about her grandmother was painful – too painful for her to imagine writing a song or recording an album about the loss. 

But when she did finally record and release that track, Niver and her producer realized that the single was a jumping-off point for a new record  which came out earlier this month. Host Frank Stasio talks to Niver about the album “I Still Look For You,” .and how she wrote about such a painful experience.

Niver also plays live in studio with David Dollar on electric guitar and Charles Cleaver on keyboard. Catch Niver’s band, simply called Anne-Claire, perform at The Crown at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro on Friday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. They will also be at Kings in Raleigh on Saturday, Sept. 1. Find a link to other upcoming shows here.

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