More Questions Than Answers Follow Gov. Cooper’s School Reopening Plan

Jul 15, 2020
Originally published on July 15, 2020 2:48 pm

North Carolina public schools will open this fall with a mix of in-person and remote-learning options, Gov. Roy Cooper announced Tuesday. 

Individual school districts will create their own plans depending on the needs of students, staff and teachers. Schools must follow certain safety and health requirements for in-person gatherings, such as wearing face coverings, washing hands frequently and maintaining six feet of distance between people. Districts must also provide students and their families with the option of remote-only learning.

The governor said the reopening plan reflects a need to ensure safety during the pandemic, but it also recognizes the importance of a physical classroom space. “We know that schools provide so much more than just academic lessons,” he said. “They support our children's social, emotional and physical development.”

But how schools will plan curricula and meet the needs of at-risk teachers, students and staff remains to be seen. Host Anita Rao discusses the reopening plan for schools and the questions it raises with Dave Dewitt, WUNC’s feature news editor. 

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