Meadows - House Should Also Delay August Recess

Jul 12, 2017

Western North Carolina Republican Congressman Mark Meadows says he’d like to see GOP leadership in the House follow that of the Senate and delay their scheduled August recess.  The reason – Congress has passed very little of President Trump or the Republican Party’s legislative priorities.  That includes repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.  Meadows says he doesn’t understand why the Senate cannot pass a bill, even if it’s one that just repeals the law.  He notes Republicans had no problem doing that during the final two years of President Obama’s time in office.  "If they were willing to send it to President Obama, why aren't they willing to send it to President Trump?  Were they just doing it for show?  I would hope not", Meadows said at a Capitol Hill press conference on Wednesday with members of the Freedom Caucus, a group that Meadows chairs which consists of the most conservative members of the House.  "To suggest that (Democratic Senate leader) Chuck Schumer is actually going to help out on a repeal bill defies not only his own rhetoric, but his commitment to his constituency.  He said he's not going to do it."  Meadows was referring to comments from Senate Republican leadership that they would turn to Democrats to help pass Obamacare reforms if the GOP’s healthcare bill does not pass.

Video of the House Freedom Caucus press conference below -