Local Official Says Asheville Water in Excellent Quality

Feb 10, 2016

As the city of Flint, Michigan deals with the aftermath of its water crisis, WCQS checked in with Asheville Water Resources Director Jade Dundas to see whether Asheville was in any danger of the same problems.  Dundas said Asheville's water is tested routinely for lead, most recently in the fall.  He says Asheville's water is in excellent quality.  Dundas adds that while workers are on heightened alert because of the contamination in Flint, that hasn't changed any of what they're doing.  He describes how Asheville's water is tested, what it's tested for, and how often in the conversation above.

Dundas also talked briefly about the ongoing lawsuit between the city of Asheville and the state legislature over control of Asheville's water.  That portion is below.