Injunction To Block Nikwasi Mound Deed Transfer Not Yet Filed

Mar 26, 2019

Last week, the Franklin Press reported that five plaintiffs had filed an injunction against the Franklin Town Council to block them from voting to transfer ownership of the Nikwasi Mound to local non-profit The Nikwasi Initiative.

Macon County Clerk of Court Vic Perry says no such injunction has been filed.


"No, the clerk’s office has received no paperwork at this point. It’s my understanding that the paperwork was brought in and that the filers were unaware that there were other obligations as far as serving the named parties in the matter," says Perry.

"It’s my understanding that they would wait and file at a later point.”


It was reported that an injunction was filed by five plaintiffs: Gloria Raby Owenby, Betty Cloer Wallace, Mary Ruth Byrd, Edgar Burton “Bud Shope” and Judith Dowdle, against each of the members of the Franklin town council: Barbara McRae, Joe Collins, Daniel Culpepper, Dinah Mashburn, Brandon McMahan and Adam Kimsey as well as mayor Bob Scott.

Perry has been clerk of courts since 2006 and says he has never seen a filing against the town or county government before.

The Franklin Town Council will meet on April 1st to hammer out the terms of the deed and potentially sign the document.