How The War On Drugs Perfected The Art Of The Socially Distanced Livestream

May 20, 2020
Originally published on May 20, 2020 4:21 pm

If you've watched any livestreamed shows or concerts during self-isolation or done any video chatting at all, you know that there can be challenges: when someone's stuck on mute, or there's a bad connection, or there are awkward pauses, or if people talk over each other. But The War On Drugs had none of those problems in their performance for the Love From Philly event at the beginning of May.

Today, I catch up with the leader of The War on Drugs, Adam Granduciel, at his home in LA. He talks about how the band perfected its performance, even though the members were recording from places all across the country. You'll hear that performance, too. Adam and I also talk about the new record he's been working on and another big project for him — being a dad for the very first time! Listen in the player above, and check out the Love From Philly performance below.

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