How To Record A Voice Memo

Sep 21, 2020

Voice memos are a great way to share your thoughts and concerns with your community. Think of it as sending a voicemail to Blue Ridge Public Radio that can then be played as part of a special segment or a story. Hearing your stories, comments and questions inspires us and helps the radio station succeed in its mission of amplifying the voices of our Western North Carolina community. 

Here's a simple guide to recording and sending in your voice memo. You can send the memo to 

How To Record A Voice Memo

Newer Androids come with Voice Recorder. For older ones, download it from the app store. iPhones come with a Voice Memo app. Do a practice sessions to see how to start, stop and save a recording.

Here's what the app looks like on an Iphone.
Credit Lilly Knoepp

  1. The mic is at the bottom of your phone. Hold your phone flat in front of you, with the mic facing your mouth, with a slight angle for the best sound quality. When recording sounds or other people, point the bottom of the phone toward them. 
  2. Please make sure you’re recording in a quiet place. Don’t sit close to a fan or A/C. Turn off any music or news devices.
  3. Each audio diary should be about 2 to 5 minutes. Always start your diary with your name (and identify the people you are with); the date/time; and location. This formatting should sound like: “I’m Lilly Knoepp in Sylva. It’s about 11 am on Monday, September 21st.”

You can also share images when you send in your voice memo. Ideally they should be horizontal and a large file size. (Ideal images are 960 pixels by 640 pixels).