Haywood County Issues Restrictions On Movement

Mar 26, 2020

Haywood County became the latest in Western North Carolina to impose restrictions on movement due to COVID19, with an order going into effect at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Residents of Haywood County and all four of its municipalities can still go to grocery and convenience stores, seek medicines or medical care, order take-out, bike, hike and jog, care for loved ones in other households and tend to the needs of pets, among other things.

What they can’t do is leave home if they are ill, visit others unless there is an urgent need, be within 6 feet of another person in public, travel unless essential or go to work unless defined as working in an essential industry.

Lodging providers including Airbnb and campgrounds can no longer accept new occupants staying less than 15 days unless they’re working in essential industries, and residents who have been outside the county for more than three days must self-quarantine and call in to the county’s COVID-19 hotline.

The order is slated to last until April 16 but can be modified by Haywood County Commission Chairman Kevin Ensley at any time.