Friday @2: The Three Davids

Feb 18, 2016

Our guests for the next Friday@2 will be The Three Davids; David Holt, David LaMotte, and David Wilcox. Each David well known in their own right, The Three Davids will bring us their unique blend of styles in live performance from our studios Friday @2, just before their show at Asheville's Diana Wortham Theatre on February 20th.

These three internationally-known musicians (David Holt, David Wilcox and David LaMotte) have more in common than their first names. They all make their homes in Western North Carolina, are accomplished musicians and songwriters, and love a good story. And though their styles and stories differ, their art is deeply rooted in these mountains.

They'll talk with WCQS Music Director Dick Kowal and perform some of their music live in the Vetust Study Club Performance Studio this Friday @2.