Fall Fund Drive: Two Stations. One Goal. Zero Interruptions.

Sep 5, 2018

Two stations. One goal. Zero fundraising interruptions. The Fall Fund Drive is happening right now! Your donation makes everything you hear on BPR Classic and on BPR News possible. Support what you value: responsible reporting, journalism with insight and meaning, culture celebration - and no program interruptions.  The goal is $200,000 by September 26 for uninterrupted programming. 

This pledge drive marks three years of fundraising without interruption to the programs you love. We're asking you, during regularly scheduled breaks, to support fact-based journalism, civil discourse, and music you can't find anywhere else on the dial. Give now for programming that enriches your life and fundraising that respects the very reason you listen

A fair and responsible press has never been more important to the health of our democracy. Your support of Blue Ridge Public Radio is a vote for civil discourse. Your support says that you stand with the facts. Donate now or become a sustaining member today!  

If you do not wish to give online, you can call the pledge line at 828-210-4810 or mail your contribution to 73 Broadway Asheville, NC 28801. 

You will hear our thanks every day.