Eastern Band of Cherokee hosting event to honor Long Man cultural tradition

Oct 19, 2021

The Eastern Band of Cherokee will host two river clean-ups Wednesday to honor their connection to the water. Juanita Wilson is manager of training and development for the Eastern Band. She explains that honoring Long Man is a traditionally Cherokee way to talk about rivers.  


“The way we would describe Long Man [in Cherokee] Gunahita Asgaya is his head lay in the mountains and his feet are in the sea. He was a river spirit. It’s more than just a clean-up it’s a reconnecting to who we are and what is dear to us,” said Wilson.  “My goal of this whole thing is to reawaken our commitment to our culture.”  


The cleanups run 8 to 1 tomorrow at both the Cherokee Fairgrounds and the Snowbird Community Center. Breakfast and a cultural presentation will take place at both by North American Indian Women's Association and Blessings of the River.   


The event is organized by EBCI Natural Resources Department and Nikwasi Initiative.