Durham Woman Wins Jiujitsu Championship

Jul 18, 2018

A kickboxing class is what led Kim Sarah Rice to practicing Brazilian jiujitsu. She thought kickboxing was fun and she felt strong and powerful while attacking those heavy weighted bags.

Once she began her martial arts practice,  Rice realized jiujitsu offered something kickboxing did not – human contact. She thought, “Where else can I roll around on a mat with another opponent?” With that revelation, Rice was hooked. After 8 years of dedication, last month Rice became the Brazilian jiujitsu adult brown belt world champion in the women's heavyweight division. Rice joins guest host Anita Rao in a rare one on one conversation. Rice discusses what role her age played in winning and training, she reflects on her mother’s history as an endurance athlete and how it’s fueled her passion and determination. Rice also explains the mindset it takes to be a champion and explains how jiujitsu can empower other women.

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