Buncombe, Haywood and Transylvania residents impacted by flooding are eligible for food assistance

Oct 5, 2021

People in Buncombe, Haywood and Transylvania counties impacted by the flood can apply for assistance. Here's more info to sign up for one-time funds to buy food. 

In August, Tropical Storm Fred caused flood waters to rise across the region damaging businesses and homes. Many families continue to rebuild, from their floorboards to their pantries.

Those folks can get funds for food this week explains Haywood County Emergency Services spokesperson Allison Richmond.  

“This is a chance to stock up. It’s a one-time benefit so you would get one amount and that will vary on the size of your family,” said Richmond.

The funds are available through The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ProgramRichmond says people could receive from about $200 to over $800 depending on their needs.

"You can restock your pantry, restock your fridge. Maybe you lost power long enough that you lost all of the meat in your freezer. That kind of thing. This is a chance to restock those items,” said Richmond.

Those who qualify can apply at Buncombe, Haywood and Transylvania departments of social services or online at NCDHHS.gov. Applications to this program close at 5pm on Thursday October 7th.

However, some families in Haywood County are still without homes. Richmond says 87 families were being provided shelter by the county on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile 407 homes have been approved for FEMA grants.

Meanwhile there have been $2 million dollars in FEMA grants given out for housing assistance and other needs. Richmond breaks that down:

“$1.7 million in housing assistance and $237,000 for other needs like damages and repairs,” said Richmond.  

There has also been $5.7 million dollars in national flood insurance claims paid in the county.

Here’s more information on how to apply for FEMA support and other resources.