BPR News Presents: The Porch Episode 008

Apr 28, 2021

In this episode of The Porch, from BPR News, we explore this question: If communities benefit from the work and presence of artists, what is our collective responsibility to publicly pay for the arts? 


This episode includes:

  • Interviews with Nate McGaha of Arts NC and Sheila Smith, recently retired from Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
  • A look into our local arts councils, focusing on Transylvania County, Haywood County and the council serving Mitchell and Yancey counties.
  • Interviews with educators and students with UNC-Asheville's STEAM studio and the founding director of the Institute for Arts and STEAM Integration.

(The BPR News Presents theme song is The Vibes by Audiobinger.  Other music featured in this episode includes Three Floors by Blue Dot Sessions)