Andrews Police Join Cherokee County Sheriff's Department

Jul 17, 2020

The town of Andrews has transferred their police department over to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s leadership.


Andrews Police Chief Michael Hobgood resigned at the beginning of July. This week, Andrews' Mayor James Reid says that instead of searching for a new police chief the town board decided it should transfer its three police officers to the leadership of the Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer. 


“I think that’s absolutely the way to go. Because the sheriff’s office is going to be able to take the officers that we have left under their wing," says Reid. "And we’ve already seen a huge difference in the last two and three days just in police presence and helping our community.”


Reid says the town increased the police department budget this year and is hoping to hire four more police officers.


"What we are doing is using some of the county officers and resources," says Reid.


"We feel like once we get a strong foundation under our police department we will be able to build off of that. But right now it feels like everytime we bring in a new police chief there is no foundation so everything crumbles.