ACA Open Enrollment is Underway

Nov 3, 2018

Open Enrollment for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act is now underway.  The nonprofit Pisgah Legal Services held a press conference this week and urged consumers to get educated before enrolling.  BPR’s Helen Chickering reports.

“Number one, the ACA is still the law, and it is working”

That’s Jackie Kiger, managing attorney with Pisgah Legal Services.  Kiger notes that pre-existing conditions are still covered under ACA compliant policies.   That may not be the case for the new short term policies that are now being offered outside of the ACA marketplace this year.  Kiger says the price tag for those plans may be a bit lower, but benefits are limited and people need to do their homework.  

“There are very important differences between an ACA plan and short term or limited duration plans, which may cover some services but not all, there are a lot of questions.”

Kiger encourages consumers to make an appointment with a free healthcare navigator you can find one on Open enrollment ends December 15th.  For BPR News I’m Helen Chickering.