Mike Cooper

On Air Host

Mike Cooper will be immediately recognizable to listeners as "that British guy" (though folks here in WNC are forever asking him if he's Australian…)

Mike and his partner relocated from London in late 2014 – along with their two rescue dogs – and now live south of Candler, right in the shadow of Mt Pisgah. "It's all very different to London," Mike says, "where all I looked out at was bricks and concrete. If you'd told me five years ago that I'd be living in a log cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and keeping goats, chickens and bees, I'd have said you were mad - but here we are!" 

As a busy voiceover artist with his own home studio, Mike loves both his 17-yard commute from the house to work, and the fact that he can enjoy mountain life while still collaborating with clients all over the world. With almost thirty years working in radio and TV in the UK, both as a presenter and producer/director, Mike brings a wealth of experience with him.

In fact, longtime listeners may find his voice oddly familiar: before leaving London, Mike spent ten years as an announcer and newsreader for the BBC World Service, so this isn't the first time he's been on air here. And though he's moved from the world's largest radio station to one of much more modest size, he's thrilled to be back on air and working for Blue Ridge Public Radio as a stand-in host: "I come from a country with a strong public service broadcasting tradition, so it's clear to me how vital the work of BPR is to the community here. I couldn't be happier to have been accepted into the family and to have made Blue Ridge Public Radio my new on-air home!" he says.

So, if you hear the odd word on BPR that doesn't sound quite like you're used to, Mike asks you to bear with him. After all, he's still learning the language…

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