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Jonathan Coble

Handyperson / Announcer

Jonathan joined the Blue Ridge Public Radio team in 2021 as the Station’s Handyperson. As a longtime listener, he is delighted to be part of BPR, and focuses his attention towards providing the BPR team with a comfortable and safe work environment that allows them to continue to produce their important work for the community.

Jonathan began honing his handyperson skills after adopting a low environmental impact philosophy and has made it his mission to extend the lives of useful things and some not-so-useful things. Most recently, he was employed by Buncombe County in their facilities maintenance department.

A North Carolina Native, Jonathan made the mountains his home after leaving his hometown in the Piedmont of NC to attend Appalachian State University in Boone, NC for a B.S. in Business Administration. While studying there, he cultivated a deep relationship with the surrounding natural wonders. His spends much of his free time along the streams and rivers of Western North Carolina, where he removes litter while searching for unusual wildlife.

Email: jcoble@bpr.org