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Joel Sucherman

For more than 25 years Joel Sucherman (he/him) has been helping to usher in the new ways we experience news and information. As NPR's Vice President for New Platform Partnerships, Sucherman guides strategy and leads the teams that build NPR's presence on voice assistants, connected cars, TVs and other emerging platforms. During his tenure he has developed a growing number of strategic partnerships and has shaped and implemented public radio's growing presence on voice-activated platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, and Cortana. Under Sucherman's leadership, NPR has become a preeminent brand on smart speakers, with millions of listeners each month. In his previous role as head of product, Sucherman's teams were also responsible for conceiving of, and building, NPR One, a platform that uses a combination of human curation and algorithms to provide a personalized radio news/podcast experience.

Prior to working in public radio, Sucherman helped transform USA TODAY into a multiplatform newsgathering media company. He was an early "backpack journalist" who founded the first streaming video group at USA TODAY. Sucherman has his roots in radio as a former Capitol Hill correspondent in Washington, D.C.