Cass Herrington

Morning Edition Host, Reporter

Cass Herrington is BPR's Morning Edition host and news reporter. Her reporting largely focuses on stories dealing with health, race, and immigration. 

Before joining BPR in 2019, Herrington spent nearly seven years writing, reporting and hosting for NPR stations in Illinois and Indiana. 

Her reporting has earned numerous awards, including the designations of best reporter by the Associated Press Broadcaster’s Associations in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

In 2015, Cass received a prestigious national Edward R. Murrow award for a show she produced about non-verbal teens with Autism who rely on iPads to communicate.

A Kentucky native, Herrington graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in journalism, international studies and Spanish. She's fluent in Spanish, loves to travel, and is a proud, bleed-blue Kentucky Wildcats fan. 

Herrington also co-hosts a podcast, called Skillet, about the intersection of food and memory.

NPR's Student Podcast Challenge invites classrooms to put together a short podcast about any topic of interest and using simple tools – like the apps on your phone. It’s a competition, but also a fun, collaborative learning experience – and a chance to hear your work on NPR and member stations. 

Susanna Cerrato teaches third grade students at Ida B. Wells
Susanna Cerrato

Kids want to feel seen and included in conversations about the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol Wed. That's one of the takeaways heard in the classroom belonging to the Western Region's 2021 Teacher of the Year.

Cortina Jenelle Caldwell / Ade Project

Seven Black women in Asheville are offering up their personal stories in honor of Kwanzaa, the weeklong celebration of African-American heritage. 

Raul Saldaña
Cass Herrington / BPR News

Asheville PEAK Academy got a financial boost in its ongoing efforts to attract a diverse teaching staff. 

clock tower in Enka
Cass Herrington / BPR News

A historic clock tower in the Enka community will be spared from the wrecking ball. 

A  press release by the Greensboro based developer Samet Corp.  says plans are in the works to preserve  the 92-year-old tower. 

“All parties involved in the development of this area recognize the historic role the monument plays in Asheville’s history, and we would like the tower to stand for generations to come,” Brian Hall, director of development, said in a press release.

Preservationists are urging an historic clock tower in the Enka community of southwestern Asheville be saved.

Benedict Benedict / flickr/Creative Commons

The number of shooting incidents in Asheville is up compared to this time last year, according to the latest figures from the city police department.

Funeral limo picks up voter in Asheville
Cass Herrington / BPR News

A Black-owned funeral home in Asheville is sending out its fleet of limousines to pick up voters and drive them to the polls. 

Getty Images

Votar en estas elecciones puede ser un proceso complicado para algunos, especialmente con la pandemia y todas las nuevas normas o órdenes locales. 

Wikimedia Commons

Four years ago, North Carolina voters did something that didn’t happen anywhere else - Republican Donald Trump won the state’s Electoral College votes, but a Democrat unseated an incumbent GOP governor.

Illustration by Luis Martinez

Actualización visita de Harris

La candidata a la Vicepresidencia y representante del Partido Demócrata, Kamala Harris, realizó una visita a la Universidad de Carolina del Norte, Asheville, el pasado miércoles. En esa ocasión, la candidata se dirigió a un grupo de espectadores que mantuvieron distanciamiento social, reunidos en el estacionamiento del establecimiento. Originalmente Harris iba a visitar el Oeste de Carolina del Norte la semana pasada, pero dos de los miembros de su campaña se contagiaron con COVID-19.

Spanish-language voter information
Cass Herrington / BPR News

Voting can be a complicated process for many.  The pandemic is exposing that, with many rules  only just now being widely discovered for the first time.  For instance, North Carolina’s witness requirement on absentee ballots. 

For new American citizens, the process can be especially hard to navigate. 

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A new charter school centered around racial equity is still moving ahead with its plans to open next Fall 2021. 

Cass Herrington / BPR News

Es la época de manzanas en el Oeste de Carolina del Norte y las calles comienzan a vestirse con carteles pintados a mano anunciando la venta de rosquillas y pasteles elaborados con la popular fruta. 


La cosecha de manzana se lleva a cabo gracias al trabajo de miles de granjeros inmigrantes, sin embargo, el coronavirus se ha vuelto una amenaza real y ya hay varias organizaciones solicitando a las autoridades que regularicen y mejoren las condiciones laborales. 


A Blue Ridge Health worker prepares for an outreach visit at a migrant worker's camp in Polk County.
Cass Herrington / BPR News


It’s apple season in Western North Carolina. Hand-painted roadside signs boast cider doughnuts and homemade pies. 

The beloved seasonal fruit is picked by thousands of migrant farmworkers. But with the pandemic, advocates want the government to provide safer living and working conditions for the at-risk population.

Carolina del Norte se ha convertido en un santuario para abusadores infantiles. 

wenzday01 / Creative Commons


North Carolina has become a sanctuary state for child predators. 

Cass Herrington / BPR News



For the superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the killing of George Floyd over the summer hit especially hard. 

Illustration by Luis Martinez

La Pandemia en Cifras

Oficiales de la salud del estado de Carolina del Norte han confirmado que a la fecha hay más de 167 mil casos de contagiados con coronavirus desde que comenzó la pandemia, con más de 1,200 casos nuevos reportados el pasado Lunes. Hasta hoy se han confirmado cerca de 7 mil casos de COVID-19 en los 13 condados donde se puede escuchar la frecuencia de BPR. 


Similar to the phrase “No shirt, no service” -- businesses are also protected to enforce the state’s face mask requirement. That was one of the takeaways of a webinar on Wed. hosted by the Asheville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.   

The program focused on the handling of customers who refuse to wear face coverings. One argument voiced by noncompliant customers  is that it’s a “constitutional right to refuse to wear a mask.”   Atlanta labor Attorney Andria Lure Ryan says that's not the case. 

Photo Courtesy: Buncombe County Sheriff's Office

The Buncombe County Sheriff is updating his department’s policy on use of force. Sheriff Quentin Miller’s office on Fri. released the new guidelines that instruct officers on when force tactics are appropriate.

And additionally, it offers guidance on how deputies should report incidents where they observe a fellow officer using force they deem excessive for the situation, or could result in death.

Cass Herrington / BPR News

Medioambientalistas y grupos de conservación de la naturaleza están solicitando a la Ciudad de Asheville que se haga cargo de la limpieza del río French Broad. 

Cass Herrington / BPR News

North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis stopped in Asheville Wednesday as part of a statewide tour promoting the Paycheck Protection Program crafted in response to the pandemic. 

Cass Herrington / BPR News

Environmentalists and clean water advocates are urging the City of Asheville to do its part in cleaning up the French Broad River. 

Western Carolina University is condemning a series of videos posted to social media over the weekend showing students promoting racist and white supremacy language. The videos circulated on Snapchat and Twitter on Saturday show students using racist slurs and flashing white power signs.


WCU Chancellor Kelli Brown on Sunday issued a video statement in response. 


Cass Herrington / BPR News

As the city of Asheville and Buncombe County move forward on formal plans to make amends for slavery and systemic racism, two local college professors say reparations need to address education and the environmental factors affecting it. 

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A mediados de Marzo, cuando comenzó la pandemia del coronavirus, la economía en la región vio paralizada la industria de la construcción. Sin embargo hoy pareciera que esa área se vuelve a reactivar, principalmente con capital que proviene de otras ciudades. 


BPR News


Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, fears about the economy temporarily silenced the sound of construction sites. But now it seems there’s a resurging interest in building a home in the mountains, primarily from outside of the region. 

The official date of Asheville city councilman Vijay Kapoor’s resignation is significant in how his seat will be filled.  As it stands, Kapoor’s colleagues will pick his replacement - not the public.

Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons

As visitors return to Western North Carolina’s trails and parklands, they’re leaving mounds of trash behind them.