Cass Herrington

Morning Edition Host, Reporter

Cass Herrington is BPR's Morning Edition host and news reporter. Her reporting largely focuses on stories dealing with health, race, and immigration. 

Before joining BPR in 2019, Herrington spent nearly seven years writing, reporting and hosting for NPR stations in Illinois and Indiana. 

Her reporting has earned numerous awards, including the designations of best reporter by the Associated Press Broadcaster’s Associations in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

In 2015, Cass received a prestigious national Edward R. Murrow award for a show she produced about non-verbal teens with Autism who rely on iPads to communicate.

A Kentucky native, Herrington graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in journalism, international studies and Spanish. She's fluent in Spanish, loves to travel, and is a proud, bleed-blue Kentucky Wildcats fan. 

Herrington also co-hosts a podcast, called Skillet, about the intersection of food and memory.

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Last week, the Trump administration outlined a plan to overhaul the country’s immigration system to prioritize applicants with college degrees over those with familial ties. But business leaders in Asheville say they need workers at all skill levels, particularly given the county’s record low unemployment rate.

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“Check the receipt.” That was an overarching theme of presidential hopeful Bernie Sander’s campaign rally in Asheville Fri. The Vermont Senator highlighted his consistent political record throughout his career, in his pitch to voters for the Democratic nomination.

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One of the early front runners in the bid for the Democratic presidential primary vote is stopping in Asheville on Fri.

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Appalachian English is a term linguists use to describe the speech patterns of people in Appalachia. It’s also referred to as “mountain talk.”

But there’s variation within the dialect, just as there is among the nearly 26 million people who populate the diverse region, which covers 13 states.

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Western Carolina University is adding to its degree offerings, to better reflect the growing diversity on campus. The Latinx student population has increased significantly in less than a decade, to 700 students in 2018, compared to 105 in 2010.

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Henderson County’s decision to renew an agreement with federal immigration authorities puts government officials at risk of being sued under the fourth amendment. That was the message immigrant rights advocates brought to the county commissioner’s meeting Mon.

North Carolina Collection at Pack Memorial Library

Plans to turn Asheville’s historic Flatiron Building into an 80-room hotel are still on hold. City Council is expected to vote next week on the proposal.

The history and context of the building's construction echoes the current trend playing out today -- a shift toward urban development.

The Flatiron was constructed in 1926, and in those days, the eight-story building was considered a skyscraper.

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Non-profits and agencies that work with the immigrant community in Western North Carolina say they’re disappointed by the Henderson County Sheriff’s decision to renew its agreement with federal immigration authorities.  

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Different organizations that represent the Latinx community in Henderson County are dealing with the fallout from arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  

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The demand for seasonal employees continues to outpace the number of H-2B visas available to fill temporary jobs.

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Boy Scouts isn’t just for the boys anymore. The organization last year announced it would begin welcoming girls. Since the change, a new Cub Pack in Henderson County started up as an opportunity for Latinx kids to engage with the community and develop those trusty Scout leadership skills.  

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Upgrades to Asheville’s downtown bus station are slated to begin today.

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Asheville’s about to get its annual, massive dose of carbohydrates. The 15th Asheville Bread Fest is Sat., and this year’s theme is sourdough.

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Asheville residents will see an increase to their water bills during the next fiscal year.

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Local chefs and restaurant owners were the ones getting a free meal at Haywood Street Congregation today.

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The Asheville Tourists started the season last week with 23 new players donning the navy jersey. Three of the new recruits, Daniel Motano, Javier Guevara, and Alfredo Garcia are from Venezuela, where political unrest has spiraled into a humanitarian crisis.  

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The City of Asheville says the latest testing shows tap water remains safe to drink.

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The Buncombe County Detention Center is taking steps to decrease the smuggling of contraband into the facility. The changes come nearly a month after Sheriff Quentin Miller called for increased investment to do so, during his presentation to the county board of commissioners.  

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Patrons of a downtown coffee shop Tues. were served a message about equal pay, along with their dose of caffeine.


The organization MomsRising partnered with Trade & Lore coffee to distribute coffee sleeves with information about the gap in gender pay. The effort coincides with Equal Pay Day, which symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.


The situation is even more dire for minority women.

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Numerous studies on childbirth in the US present a grim fact  -- racial disparities persist in the delivery room. Rates of maternal and infant mortality during childbirth are disproportionately higher among African American women in Buncombe County, and nationwide.  

That stark reality is what prompted a group of women in Asheville to organize and start a doula service for women of color and for women without the financial means.

Cass Herrington / BPR News

Buncombe County’s sheriff is standing by his decision to deny detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Cass Herrington / BPR News

Asheville is taking steps to better preserve and highlight its African American history.  

Cass Herrington / BPR News

Asheville City Council delayed action on approving a redevelopment proposal for a section of the Asheville Mall that includes the now defunct Sears building. The $45 million dollar project would include retail space, a movie theater and more than 200 units of housing.

Critics of the project say it lacks the streetscape and infrastructure needs of the area, as well as for the anticipated addition of new residents.

City of Asheville

Asheville has a new city attorney on its payroll. City Council has unanimously approved the appointment of Brad R. Branham to the post Tue. 

He’s currently the assistant city attorney for the city of Charlotte.

City Council announced the decision yesterday following a special meeting.  The city says in a news release Branham isn't necessarily a newcomer to Asheville -- he went to UNC Asheville for undergrad. 

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Western North Carolina’s two most populous counties have differing policies when it comes to working with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Last month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested nearly 300 people across North Carolina. Those arrests are still sending shockwaves throughout Western North Carolina’s Latinx community.