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'No Compromise' Gun Rights Group Publishes Personal Info Of Gun Control Lobbyists

Grass Roots North Carolina Logo

Grass Roots North Carolina Logo

Wednesday afternoon, the North Carolina House is scheduled to debate a bill which would, in part, nearly end the need for concealed-carry permits for handguns. Ahead of that debate a group supporting the measure saw fit to publicly release the names, phone numbers and other information of four individuals trying to stop the gun bill.

Grass Roots North Carolina bills itself as the state's only "no compromise" gun rights group. Their newsletter is dubbed the NC Gun Blast. Its self-described purpose is to send the anti-gun crowd scurrying.

The latest edition, which the group says went out to 120,000 gun owners, includes this passage:

"As a supporter of Grass Roots North Carolina, you value transparency and accountability. You know how important it is to follow the law in letter and spirit, and you know that public officials need to be held accountable for all of their actions."

The group then focused not on lawmakers, but lobbyists who work behind the scenes. They list the names, photos, phone numbers and a couple of home addresses for four North Carolina lobbyists working with gun control groups.

The email does then go on to state:

"Go ahead and contact them if you'd like to, but if you do make sure you keep the tone polite. Be a role model of polite civility, and demonstrate that law-abiding gun owners are model citizens."

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