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Final Week of Early Voting in North Carolina

Jeremy Loeb/WCQS
Poll workers Joe Sheridan and Donner Lohnes

The last week of early voting in North Carolina has begun.  Early voting wraps up on Saturday, November 5th.  That’s the last chance for anyone NOT registered to vote to do so, as unregistered voters can register and vote at the same time during early voting, but NOT on Election Day, November 8th.  Long lines have been reported across the state.  But things were pretty slow and steady Sunday at the Pack Library early voting site in downtown Asheville.  Donner Lohnes is a poll worker at that site.

“Here at the Pack Library, we have no lines, so anytime you drop in, you can be in and out of here in 10 minutes.  On election day, the lines could be two, three, four hours long.”

Joe Sheridan, another poll worker at Pack Library, says the early voting period has been an exciting thing to witness.

“New voters come in.  You know, 18 year olds that just turned 18 years old getting to vote.  New citizens getting to vote.  A lot of people just really enjoying the fact that they get to vote in this country which I think is beautiful.”

You can find hours and locations of early voting sites near you by visiting your county’s board of elections website.

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