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North Carolina's Heavyweight Matchup - McCrory & Cooper


In a year with a presidential election that makes new and bigger headlines each day, North Carolina's gubernatorial race still stands out nationally.  Republican incumbent Pat McCrory and his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper, are well known to each other.  Chiefly, they've clashed over the state's House Bill Two.  That measure, signed into law by McCrory, makes transgender people use the bathroom of the gender listed on their birth certificate instead of their preferred gender.  Other states have instituted travel boycotts to North Carolina in response.  The NBA, NCAA, and other sports leagues and businesses have pulled events from the state as well.  Cooper, North Carolina's chief legal officer, has refused to defend the law in court.  Both men debated last week at the UNC-TV studios.  NBC's Chuck Todd, the host of Meet The Press, moderated.  

Governor Pat McCrory (R) and Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) debate state laws regarding police body camera footage

04:34 - HB2

12:40 - McCrory Economic Record

17:23 - Teacher Pay

24:10 - Abortion

29:10 - North Carolina Crime Lab

33:54 - Police Body Camera Footage

37:45 - Implicit Bias In Policing

39:17 - Black Lives Matter

40:36 - Presidential Election

45:10 - Affordable Care Act

50:05 - Voter ID Law