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BPR News & BPR Classic delivers NPR NEWS and entertainment, classic jazz and traditional regional music in a noncommercial, educational environment. During the weekday commute, BPR News & BPR Classic carries trusted national and international news from Morning Edition and All Things Considered—while our staff of radio journalists covers state and regional issues with the same thoughtful perspective. On the weekends, listeners laugh with the likes of Car Talk, Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me, the perennially popular A Prairie Home Companion and This American Life. In the evenings, this audience enjoys NPR Jazz Profiles, Piano Jazz, Jazz from Lincoln Center and locally produced ‘Round Midnite with Jamal Jabali and Jazz Shack with Richard Layman.

Blue Ridge Public Radio truly is the “Heart of the Arts” in WNC making classical music accessible with friendly and educational commentary. Blue Ridge Public Radio supports arts and culture in Asheville and WNC, offering a return to the fundamentals of effective marketing – a simple, honest message delivered to a loyal audience in a non cluttered and high integrity environment.